The Voices Of Mont-Liban

cropped-o-lebanon-5701.jpgMarhaba everybody

Growing up in a small town, I got used to the stories told by men and women of all ages and especially the older ones, it always seemed like everyone had a story to tell, all it took was a cup of coffee and your willingness to hear them out, although the last part wasn’t always necessary 🙂 The thing is, I wish I could recall 1% of all the stories I’ve heard since those days and till my present ones… That’s why I created this blog, for the sole purpose of saving and sharing the many stories of a Beautiful historic province and its people, Mont-Liban. Located in the heart of Lebanon and the Fertile Crescent, this ancient Mediterranean province has been taking part in shaping world history for more than 7000 years and still holds an important ethnographic trait that some people would describe as dire for an area in constant instability.

The stories I’ll share with you in my coming posts will be told by locals of Mont-Liban. I’ll Leave the choice of tale to the teller, and the joy of reading to the reader. As for myself, I’ll try my best to embed every single emotion and memory supplied by my narrators in the following posts.

They have a lot to tell you, if you’re willing to hear them out.. although the last part isn’t really a necessity  🙂


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